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Nuru Massage London

A Japanese style nuru massage in London is a supremely nice body to body massage. It is sometimes referred to as a body slide using a very different forms of massage gel. Nuru massage gel is composed of Nori seaweed and some natural minerals. Seaweed is well known for cleanse and detoxing your body as well as soften, moisturizing your skin. This slippery gel is fast absorbing, odorless, colorless and very easy to wash off. It is a truly therapeutic treatment for restoring your skin.

During your London nuru massage session, all you have to do is surrender yourself to our gorgeous therapist. Her body will guide you flow effortlessly which allows you receiving the stimulation like no others. This unique combination is the fundamental property made this one of a featured program at the Steamy Asian Massage salon.

What are Japanese Body Slides?

A nuru massage is an indulgent and exciting form of erotic massage. It’s an all-over body experience that brings relaxation, closeness and sensual pleasure to every inch of your skin. Instead of using only her hands your massage therapist will use her entire body to massage you into a state of bliss. Nuru translates from Japanese into ‘slippery’ and this describes the sensations you’ll experience from the special nuru gel that’s rubbed into every inch of your skin. The unique seaweed-based gel promotes moisturising and soothing benefits while the beautiful art of all-over body contact brings sensual and stimulating pleasure just for you. Our nuru massage is a unique and tantalising experience that everyone should encounter. Just lie back and allow your therapist to bring waves of pleasure to every inch of your body with this enticing form of sensual massage.

What to expect in your nuru massage session

Your body will be pleasured with enticing strokes and whirls by your soft-skinned therapist. This creates waves of sensual pleasure for the body and mind. Because nuru massage creates extreme intimate contact you’ll leave your nuru massage feeling relaxed, fulfilled and satisfied.

The naughty techniques that are used in nuru massage

A Japanese nuru massage in London is performed on a waterproof sheet or air mattress to ensure the special gel stays on your body. This means you’ll feel a supportive and conformable bed beneath you as your massage therapist glides across your skin with every body part imaginable. Your therapist will support her weight with her arms, legs or buttocks depending on which strokes she will use to massage your skin. She’ll rock, glide and press down ensuring no body part is left neglected. The heightened level of pleasure brought by skin-on-skin contact during a nuru massage makes it very popular with discerning tantric massage fans.

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